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On March 27, the Federal Air Transport Agency stopped regular and charter flights, which are carried out from Russian airports to airports of foreign countries and in the opposite direction, with the exception of flights related to:

► with the export of Russian citizens to the territory of the Russian Federation from foreign states in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection (in accordance with the lists of citizens compiled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), foreign citizens to foreign states,

► as well as cargo, postal, sanitary, humanitarian flights, haulage of empty aircraft for maintenance, transit flights with landing for refueling (crew changes) in the Russian Federation and flights carried out according to individual decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Since March 30, traffic is temporarily restricted by road, rail, pedestrian, river and mixed crossings of the Russian Federation state border, as well as through the land section of the Russian-Belarusian state border.

In order to restore the mobility of the population of the Russian Federation with the use of air transport and a phased exit from the anti-epidemic restrictions, the Federal Air Transport Agency has developed guidelines.

Guidelines for phasing out the anti-epidemic restrictions introduced in the fight against the spread of new coronavirus infection when restoring air passenger traffic in civil aviation are agreed with Rospotrebnadzor.

Considering the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, a three-stage plan is proposed to remove the restrictions imposed in connection with the changing situation with coronavirus infection, with the separation of requirements for passengers and crew.

In addition, the regime of restrictions on leaving Russia and entering the country, introduced due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection, was relaxed.

So, Russian citizens will be able to leave the country to close relatives living abroad and in need of care. Such a right will also be for those who go abroad for treatment, as well as for work or study.

Foreign citizens will be able to enter the country subject to similar conditions: if they intend to undergo treatment at Russian medical organizations or to take care of sick close relatives.
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